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Why you need to Start Using VPN for Internet Security

Cyber attack targets personal info of students and parents

A “category one” cyber attack, the most dangerous level possible, will occur “sometime in the next few years,” warned a director of the National Center for Cyber Security.

According to the agency, which reports to, and is responsible for ensuring information security in the UK, a category one cybersecurity incident requires a response from the national government.


In the year since the agency was founded, it has covered 500 incidents, including the WannaCry ransomware that took IT into multiple NHS trusts and bodies.

The only way to avoid such a breach is to change the way companies and governments think about cybersecurity.

for example Security breaches can lead to identity theft.

The stolen data is highly sensitive, including names, addresses, social security numbers and dates of birth, all the important information needed to steal someone’s identity online.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

There are many ways you can take, but one of the simplest things you can do today

is to start using a VPN this is the best step you can do to protect yourself online


Check out Our Top5 VPN Networks rating 2017 Although not infallible and marketing, I do not think we are completely anonymous or completely safe on the Internet, but this is the best step you can do to protect yourself online

Without going into too many boring details, here is a way to visualize a VPN. Imagine that you are on your computer and the cloud is the Internet.

Typically, your computer accesses the Internet directly to the cloud (“the Internet”) through your Internet service provider. While this connection can be quick, it is rarely secured, and it is very easy to go back to you.


When using VPN to access the Internet, imagine that your

connection is routed through the Internet through a secure tunnel through the cloud to a server at another location sometimes in a different city, sometimes from a different destination. At this stage, the server accesses the Internet on your behalf.


The benefit here is that you are not only keeping your data secure, it is also masking your location, making the internet think that it is located where the server is, not your real location. Initially, Virtual Private Network VPNs were designed for corporations that needed to protect their sensitive data being pass through


Let me conclude this explanation with these thoughts:
1) VPN is not an Internet connection. It is a safe way to access the Internet.
2) Good news! A VPN is often very easy to use, even if you are not “technology guru
3) If you intend to use public Wi-Fi in places like an airport, a coffee shop, your local grocery store, your church anywhere … you should seriously consider a using VPN.

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