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4 Bad Reasons why you need to stop using free VPNs now

Using free VPN, you will compromise your security, personal information, and privacy.
If you are looking for a free VPN to protect your privacy, the options are currently limited, and many services are changing to a paid VPN company

Paid VPN services – like ExpressVPN, do not charge a lot of money per month. They are well within the budget of most people and offer a much better product.

These are the biggest risks with the use of a free VPN service

1. Monitor and sell your data

VPNs are presumed to be safe while you are online. One of its biggest marketing points is that going to stop ISPs and other data trackers selling your data for profit.

The logic is simple. To encrypt data and pass it through the VPN server, your ISP can not see what you are doing online. However, VPN can change a tracker on the other hand.

But a free VPN? You can not be so sure. After all, hosting and managing a VPN network with thousands of users is expensive. In many cases, it has become the primary source of income for the vendor. Remember, there is nothing like a free lunch.



Of course, most paid VPN services do not compromise your privacy, they have extensive privacy policies and are proud of their complete lack of keeping track on what you do
Free VPNs are in many cases are worse than no VPN. It might be a couple that’s fine, but must monitor your registration, have access to your private information and possibly sell your data

Note: If you are primarily using a privacy VPN (rather than Geo blocking or downloading pirated content), you should not use a free one.

2. Lack of regulation

This point is closely related to the previous one.

In North America and Europe, the ISPs is strongly regulated for safety. Yes, they can track and sell your data, but the rules for this type of transaction are transparent and accessible to users.
VPN does not work with the same set of rules. In fact, many VPN providers are in shady offshore jurisdictions. Not just the origin that is hard to adjust, but it also makes it difficult to learn.

The masses should avoid free VPN located in such places like China and Russia. There is a greater chance that they are tracking your data and using it for illegal purposes.
Free VPN provides a tremendous source of information to potential victims of hackers and cyber criminals. Many users see the word “free” and fall on themselves to provide personal information during the registration process.
Once in the system, all traffic is logged against your account. Criminals have a complete picture of your personality within a matter of days.

3. Placing lots of advert for traffic

Even if your vendor is free not to sell or convert the data connection to an endpoint, the vendor must still make money. In many cases, this is done using advertising revenue.

It may not seem too unusual. After all, it’s how most web sites make money.

But free VPN ads have a fundamental difference: VPN vendors use third-party advertisements that are unique to the proxy server session. Because virtual private networks want to click on these ads, ad network traffic gets priority.

The result? Slower page load times and less fluid online experience.

4. IP address Leak

A perfect working VPN act as a secret tunnel. All traffic flows through the tunnel away from prying eyes. When it comes to opening the web, it’s impossible to know where it originated.

However, if you use a free VPN, the tunnel craft is open for hackers to see you quickly – it is more likely to be full of holes. It leaks your IP address; data is open through those holes, for those looking for it.

The process is called “IP leaks” or “DNS leaks.” IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can escape, leaving your information exposed.


In some cases, the IP address is open for the hacker. This why most people lose their anonymity while using free virtual private networks.
Some experts say that some are paid VPNs also guilty of traffic leakage, but are less common. How to pay more for a builder is more likely to result in quality work, paying more for a VPN provider is more likely to cause a well-constructed tunnel.

Do you use a free VPN?

I hope that I covered few points that should make you think twice before signing up for a free VPN. The risks are so high that in many cases it is better not to use anyone at all. Just send all your traffic through your Internet service provider in place.

If you get rid of the free VPN, you have two options. You can subscribe to a paid service that delivers BEST VPN Networks Review or you can use the Tor Network. TOR network has its own set of problems, but are increasingly less disturbing than those resulting from free VPN.
Are you still thinking about using a free VPN? If yes, why? What are you doing to stay with the service? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. And do not forget to share this article with your friends on social networks to continue the discussion.

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